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Looking for a reliable and experienced builder?

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Do you need an experienced craftsman and team to build a:

custom home  |  home addition  |  kitchen remodeling  |  bath remodeling   |   basement remodeling  |  custom tile work   |   drywall installation  |  outdoor deck  |  porch  |  or finish carpentry?

Then you are at the right place!

Some builders have experience at constructing a house here and a house there. Wayne’s experience is at building multiple projects with multiple crews, but maintaining a high level of quality control that he personally supervises. Having constructed literally dozens and dozens of homes, there is rarely a building challenge confronting him that he’s not solved before.

LKN Custom Homes, based in Denver, NC, runs a tight business but with a friendly, helpful touch. Getting your construction task completed on time, on budget, and to your specifications is Wayne’s goal. Call him and discuss your construction needs. He knows you have many choices when it comes to a builder, and Wayne would like an opportunity to express to you why he is the best choice for your project.

No remodeling job is too big or too small for LKN Custom Homes, Inc. If you have been told your job cannot be done, or that you will have to compromise your vision, or if the price is outrageous, give us a call. Together, we will work to find a way to complete your project without having to settle for something less. Our experience in home remodeling ensures you’ll get what you want at a price you can afford. 

(704) 622-8238